An innovative story puzzle system that builds plots you can use.

The MTheory card line up

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How Does a Story Puzzle Work?

Pull a Card.
Link It To Other Cards. Repeat.

A simple and great tool, when you want to...

  • Create Unique Plots
  • Collaborate in Story Groups
  • Prompt your Writer's Group
  • Inspire Creativity During Writing Workshops
  • Exercise your Imagination

Excellent when used by people who are...

  • Fiction Writers
  • Students
  • Teachers
  • People with imagination
  • Role Playing Game Masters (RPG)
  • Totally Stuck in Writer's Block
  • Looking for New Ideas

Meanwhile, at the 1st ever MTheory Creative Foundations Workshop...


An MTheory prompt
The MTheory Starter Pack


Nathan Vargas

Founder The Order of United Artists and Creators - San Jose, CA."

The inventor talks about MTheory

MTheory is inspired and influenced by real science and the following great theories:

  1. The theoretical physics concept called "m-Theory" studied by scientist Michio Kaku.
  2. The seminal cognitive science book, "The Society of Mind" written by Marvin Minsky.